What we do
Children’s Help Sierra Leone is a Non – Governmental and faith-based Christian organization. We focus on the holistic well being of people in rural areas of Sierra Leone. These are deprived and hard to reach communities where the gospel is still not preach.


After the 11 years civil war in 2002 -2010, Children’s Help organized training for the ex combatants in various skill and also helped to reunite many child soldiers with their families.

Food and nutrition and clean water:

Since 2002 Children’s Help Sierra Leone has trained community health volunteers in the area of water and sanitation, constructing water wells in schools, health centers (PHUs), market places and communities that are in hard to reach areas.

• We help with crop and food development

• We help provide clean water with training in water pump repair and maintenance.

Women in Agriculture:

In 2021 we embarked on an agricultural project, “Women in Agriculture”. The women grow different types of crops to help support their families and build their community. In turn, this helps the community to care for orphans with food, medication, and clothing.

Sierra Leone Marathon:

Children’s Help Sierra Leone every April has an annual event called “Children’s Help Sierra Leone Marathon” which always ends with an inter house sport meet at Gbaray Junction at the Portloko District in the North western Region.

Teenage Pregnancy:

This is one of our focus areas. 20 to 50% of school age girls drop out due to teenage pregnancy. Many of these girls become street children. By helping them it also feeds into addressing hunger and malnutrition issues, infant mortality and vulnerability to sexual exploitation and abuse.

Technical and Vocational Skills Training:

Our skill training targets teen girls, especially those with children. Our special emphasis is on street children and girls not currently attending school full-time.

We train in the areas of:
  • Clothes Tailoring
  • Hair dressing
  • Catering
  • Computer science

These skills create personal pride in themselves and provide financial independence to girls and their families.



From 2011 to now Children’s Help Sierra Leone has embark on supporting less privilege children in educational activities. This is financed through the support of our international partners in the US, mostly using GoFundMe campaigns.

“Back To School”

Children’s Help Sierra Leone is located at the Northern part of the country where 85% of the populations are Muslims, the only way we can to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to show love to their children in practical ways. One of the ways we do this is every September we have a GoFundMe campaign, receiving funds from other parental organizations, religious groups, community development organizations and mass media. With these funds we help street children and other less privileged children to get back into the classroom by providing school learning materials and backpacks.

“Operation Christmas African Child”

In December there is a program called “Operation Christmas African Child” which provides clothing and food.  Through these programs we are able to evangelize and reach the unbelievers.


We provide spiritual teaching and guidance, bringing then to Jesus Christ, their true hope, bread and life.

CHSL also trains rural pastors and church elders in different capacity in the church. many pastors in the rural communities are do not have a formal education so there is a need for us to train them so they can be able to present the gospel message accurately and well to their congregation. The elders of the churches also need basic training so they can administer church activities well.