ABOUT ChildHelp Sierre Leone

Who we are. Our Objectives

Children’s Help Sierra Leone is a Non – Governmental and faith-based organization working on well being of the whole person for people in the rural communities of Sierra Leone

Our Objectives are:

To achieve social and economic development and improved quality of life for poor and disadvantaged rural households and communities. Our emphasis is on children and youth, which includes the disabled persons, orphans and other specialized groups of vulnerable children.

Children’s Help also affirms the enduring values of peace, social justice, and human dignity and integrity in settings where these values are not always taken for granted. We seek to improve the health, education and livelihood conditions of communities, including water and sanitation. The purpose in this is to eliminate poverty in their environment that leads to loneliness, hungry, suffering and untimely death.

Ultimately our goal is to fulfill Matthew 28:16 – 20, to “...go and make disciples.We believe this is Jesus’ mandate to every believer.

 ChildHelp follows James 1: 27, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” as our path on how we do that.

We embrace Proverbs 11:30 “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and the one who is wise saves lives.


The problem – why we exist:

The African country of Sierra Leone suffered 150 years of British colonial rule (1808-1961) compounded by transatlantic slave trade. After gaining their independence in 1961 they have suffered many socioeconomic challenges. Devastated by civil war (1991-2002) crimes and human rights violations were perpetuated by the rebel groups. Over 2 million people were displaced, and thousands of children, women and girls were sexually and physically abused while the boys were exploited as child soldiers.

Today, Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world with over 60% of the population below the poverty line and with some of the worst health statistics. Lack of clean water and food, and basic education, lack of birth registration, child labor, sexual and gender-based violence, child marriage, adolescent pregnancy, and female mutilation remain a chronic problem. (humanium.org/en/sierra-leone/)

The rural children of Sierra Leone are often subjected to inhuman treatment which leaves many of them in chronic hunger, malnutrition, and abject poverty. Because of these problems children of 10-15 years leave their parents in remote rural communities to stay in the streets of big towns and cities. Here they survive by becoming peddlers, prostitutes or become “five-oos”; joining small boy gangs to deal drugs and thieve.

These lifestyles develop into unhealthy adulthood’s of crime, prostitution and other corrupt practices. These factors contribute to or stimulate epidemics and pandemics, revolutions and chaotic government, resulting in a godless and hopeless culture and life. 

In the Northern part of Sierre Leone, where we serve,  85% of the populations are Muslims. The way we use to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our ultimate goal, is to show love into their children and their communities.

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How we came to be:

Children’s Help Sierra Leone was found in 1994, during the civil war, by the late Kaprie J. G. Thoronka, may his gentle soul continue to rest in peace.

Children’s Help Sierra Leone was first called Magawar Farmers Association, a community based organization with the aim of assisting local farmers  to support their children and the less privilege with good food and an education. After the war, in 2002, it was formed as Children’s Help Sierra Leone, a Non-Governmental organization with the aim to expand the ministries of the organization.

Today Children’s Help Sierra Leone’s focus is on Child, Youth and Women with the goal of meeting the needs of children families and communities through development, advocacy and relief. With improved quality of life in poor and disadvantaged rural households and communities, including disabled persons, orphans and other specialized groups of vulnerable children, the love of Jesus Christ can be preached more effectively.

How we function:

CHSL currently has CBO, CSO and NGO status in Sierra Leone and registered with:

  • The Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs,
  • District Council and City Council,
  • Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security
  • Ministry of Health and Sanitation

Children’s Help belong to many networks, coalitions and partnerships, both national and international, as well as membership with the Global Movement for Children and other alliances. It is Children’s Help’s desire to continue and expand this work to help the disabled, war-maimed, orphaned, abandoned, and destitute children of Sierra Leone.

We serve in multiple communities in Sierra Leone:

  • Northern West Province – Bombali, Koinadugu and Karene districts
  • Northern East Province – Port Loko and Kambia districts
  • Eastern Province – Kenema and Kono Districts
  • Western Province – Waterloo – Urban

Structural operation:

Children’sHelp Sierra Leone is a non-governmental organization that is extensively national based.

We operate with a large a group of volunteers, sixty-one (61) at this present time, along with a Board of Trustees who make policies to be implemented by the staff.

CHSL Staff and Board

CHSL Staff and Board

Board of Trustees:

The Board approves decisions and policies made by the Children’s Help Sierra Leone membership and its staff. It is comprised of seven (7) members including a female of high repute in Sierra Leone. Board members are appointed by the General membership of the organization for a period of two or three years. The Executive Director is the head the staff of ChildHelp Sierra Leone.


CH-SL presently has six (6) National staff members. This includes staff at the Head Office in Makeni: the Executive Director, Secretary, The Programs/Finance Officer, Administrative Officer, Project Co-coordinator,  Gender Desk Officer, and Regional Field Staff (one per region).


The volunteers are do the bulk of our ministry. They minister in the in the Western Area (Freetown), Northern Province (Makeni) and Eastern Province (Kenema and Kono) of Sierra Leone.

Organization structure: